2021 Waivers and other stuff

Hello all, I realize it’s been awhile but now that things are opening up a bit I thought I should update and catch up on some “Admin” work.

I have totally lapsed on getting TVG insurance waivers done. Our insurance premium was paid a month ago and I just got distracted. If you are riding as part of a TVG group or doing work out in DCF please try to get a waiver signed. It’s handy to have it done regardless…

Here is the link…


Exciting that our equipment trailer has been on order and should arrive in July…this is soooo exciting I can’t even begin to explain. So thank you again to all our awesome supporters. This could of never happened with out all your generosity.

As things begin to open up and comfort levels settle in we will start posting rides on the TVG site again always adhering to the current guidelines. Likely July.

As most of you have now heard, lots of neat things going on…MOC is going to reopen as a trail centre soon. These trails have been closed to the public, except for the odd event, for over 20 years. The TVG crew was asked to come in and has been discovering, clearing, and building a complete network of trails out there over the past few weeks. This is a whole other post so I’ll update as things progress and they announce the opening date. It’s been such a great experience rediscovering lost trails and building new ones in true TVG style. Stay tuned….

I hope everyone has been well and I look forward to seeing you out there!