And now for something a little different!

Hello Team Van Goers (Van Goees? How does one Van Go in plural?)!

I’m excited to launch a trail running virtual-hybrid race in partnership with Creemore Springs Brewery that takes place in our beloved Dufferin County Forest! How it works is that I’ll have a 6k (ish) and an 11k (ish) course set up and downloadable via Strava or RunKeeper, which you can complete any time between September 30th and November 30th! If you order by August 15th, after you’ve done your run, come on up to Creemore where you can pick up your race kit that includes a full colour run tech-shirt, medal, buff (for the 11k group) and TWO FREE CREEMORE BEER! If the patio is open, you’re welcome to enjoy whatever you like at the brewery, otherwise you can take it home to sip at your leisure! Below is a sample of what the swag looks like – if you order AFTER August 15th, I’ll ship you your race kit, and you can still pick up your free beer at the brewery!

If you know any runners who would enjoy something like this, please share!

It’s at
Thanks a million and see you on the trails!