Carcross – Mountain Bike Adventure

Well on Tuesday we hit up Carcross, long story, but Carcross Tuesday!


If you have never heard of Carcross Yukon as a place to ride, type it into Google!  It is absolutely amazing!

I have thrown a bunch of photos that I took over the day below, so scroll through.

We had a beautiful day to ride there, sun was shining, a little on the cool side to start, but the 500m elevation gain that took 40 minutes warmed you up quickly.  Once you got up though, what a fun downhill!!!  That being said, it wasn’t all downhill, there were some intermittent climbs along the way, but nothing crazy.  And the further down the hill you rode, the more you forgot about the 40 minute climb!

If you are interested in the history of Carcross biking, click the below link.  It cost’s 5$ to rent and stream the movie, but it is worth it.


The trails are all located on Montana Mountain, and the amount of work that the kids of Carcross and all the volunteers have put it in is well worth it.  There are trails with man made features, jumps etc, and then there are the flow trails, where you just let the bike do what it wants and hold on for the ride.  I recommend if your brake pads are almost done, maybe replace them before venturing to Carcross.


The one amazing part of the trail network is how vast it is with scenery.  At one point you are looking over a lake, the next you are in a mossy dense forest, then to open areas etc.  Just around every corner is something new, and you will never get bored of the trails trust me.

I did shoot some videos and will try and get them uploaded as soon as I can.