Dec 13 Ride Report/Trail Condition Update

It’s been awhile since we have done a ride report and since these are now also getting important to report how and which trails are doable, here you go!

We will try and keep the “Trail Info” tab updated through the winter to help folks out.

December 13th 2018 6pm, -12 degrees.

Well six of us continued our Wednesday night tradition…”the ride must go on”. For those of you who don’t know we are likely in our 4th (?) year of keeping the Wednesday ride alive…someone has always been out no matter what the conditions. We have only missed a few and it was due to conditions that would of been detrimental to the trail if we rode.

So…Mike, Shawna, Andy, Brian, Eric and I (Johnny) headed out to see what we could do. Lots of fresh snow so it was a bit tough but totally doable. We rode the Stick, Lolly-pop, over to the Ridge and then Lolly-pop, Stick and out. We logged 16km of awesome riding. It was an amazing night and everyone agreed that it was an incredible night for a ride. No one was feeling the -12 degrees, everyone was completely comfortable and enjoyed their time in the Forest.

As Mike said he was at home with the family, the house was warm and the thought of heading out in the cold night was not very inviting at all. I’m sure the rest of us all felt the same way. But he decided to go as did we. And we all experienced a terrific night. I have a saying (or kinda a mantra) that I know is shared by others…no matter how bad it seems outside, no matter how little you feel like getting out there, by the time you are done how many times do you regret you went? Me…Zero. Last night the other 5…no regrets, just happiness.

So now that section of the trail is in awesome shape for a fat bike ride, run, or walk. My suggestion, get out into the woods and play. You will likely feel much better afterwards.