Dec 30th trail report

A great group got out today. 8 Fat Bikers and 3 snowshoers. The groomer had returned to the parking lot so I decided to take it on tour and we rode the Hill bypass, Max, Ridge Connector, Ridge, 1/2 lollypop and stick out. The HBP,Max &  RC was still a bit of a tough go. We got through it and it’s mostly rideable but one more round of snowshoe and groomer treatment would make it amazing. The ridge was great and the lollypop & stick were super great. The groomer made the full tour and it is now at the right turn off to the Hill by Pass trail on the stick when you first set out. Again, please let me know where it ends up so I can post it’s location for the next groomer volunteer. Best to leave it in a bit on the trail as oppose to at the parking lot.

Thanks to all the efforts out there so far. Lots of people have already taken their turn at working to keep the trails going during the winter. With the dedication I’ve seen so far, from the snowshoe group and the groomer pullers I’m sure we can keep this going during the winter. It’s so much fun being able to keep riding single track during the snowy months. It’s both lucky and lovely to be able to be out in the woods on a lovely winter day.