Dec 4th Trail Report

It’s time we start updating the trail conditions as they change. I’ll try and keep on top of that.

We had an awesome ride tonight, a bunch of fresh snow to get rid of the ice pellets from the other day. We rode Max’s trails, Ridge Connector, Ridge, Lolli, Trail 2 Nowhere, 2 track & Stick out. 18km and it was in great shape. It’s even better now that 8 of us got out and packed it down. This is the loop that we are going to try and keep groomed all winter. Ken’s trail section has been ridden and should be good as well but we didn’t head that way tonight.

The coming days it will be incredible as it’s gong to stay below zero. Some plus temps and rain early next week so we’ll see how the trails stand up after that. Up to and including Saturday will be fast and super fun single track FBing!!