Dufferin County Trail Summit

Hey everyone I just thought I’d share something with you that I’ve become involved with.  There is a volunteer group called HCIA (headwaters community in action) that is a group of volunteers that creates ideas to approach Dufferin County with regards to recreation, active transportation…etc.

At the moment there is some funding from Dufferin County available for projects.

There is a “Trail Summit” being held at Monora Park on May 11th.  There will be presentations and discussion groups to aid in the direction of the funds available. The idea of even a very small amount of funding going towards off-road recreation is something maybe worth creating support for. This can be aided by trying to get members of the public out to the Summit to show support for the MTB community.
The cost is $25 and includes a light breakfast and lunch and is an all day event. You do need to pre-register.
If you are interested here is where is go to register and get more info.
Thanks for your interest and please pass this along to anyone else that may be interested. The more show of support the more chance for funding! Let me know if you can make it out.
Sorry, don’t know why this is messed up font and spacing wise??