Dufferin Forest Recreation Plan Deadline

Hey everyone, first thank you very much to everyone who attended the Open House for the Recreation Plan and also to those who have taken the time to comment as well.  The attendance level to the Open House made a very good impression. The Rec. Plan Committee has been receiving the comments as they have been coming in to review them. Thank you for helping to make a difference and taking an interest in the trails you enjoy.

At this point 96 people have viewed the Draft Plan from our website, 40 have commented. As of March 1st the Committee has received 70 comments in total both in support and not in favour of parts of the Draft Plan.  The more public support for the Draft Plan, the more likely it will proceed unaltered.

If you have not commented yet and you plan on doing so it can be as simple as stating you support the Draft Plan and encourage the separate trail network idea.

The deadline for commenting is March 31. Thanks for your support of the trails.

Details on the plan and how to comment are on the post below that follows this one on our Home Page. Just Click on the TVG logo!