Epic 8

So we already have a 4 person team and 2 solo riders planning on joining in the ride on Sept 18th. If anyone wants to join in and is looking to form a team, let me know (text, e-mail, contact tab) and we can let others know. Thinking of solo but find 8 hours a bit much? NP, just ride what you can, stop when you like, heckle everyone else and be proud you even stepped up to the start line for a solo! Set the # of laps mark for next year. And don’t kid yourself…a team isn’t easy either. Push hard for a lap, then off the bike, push again and off…repeat, repeat…Ugh, that’s almost harder than a solo!

It’s all about personal goals and achievement. Ride your bike and have fun. The end result is a good day on the trails with friends.