Equestrians on Cycling Trails

We’ve had some great feedback from all user groups on this issue. We have had three people come forward and they where from both user groups that has helped us ID some of the equestrians that were in violation of the County By-law. In all cases there where no trailers in the parking lot so they definitely rode in locally as a group ride. Please keep an eye out going forward and if you encounter an equestrian on the Cycling Trail please politely inform them that are in fact on a County designated Cycling trail and make mental notes to help identify them.

I have gotten out and fully repaired the “Wheel Hill” from the few equestrians “prune and drop” episode on Friday as well as repaired the damaged log-overs. I have also raked that section and filled in the hoof prints so we are starting with a fresh trail again. If you see any new prints on that trail or another Cycling trail please let me know.

Please continue to foster positive relationships with our equestrian community. They have offered to purchase trail cameras and even offered to come out and help us repair the trails. They are tremendously upset with these 7 riders and are all helping discover who they are, ID and name them with good success.

With the very wet spring the growth in the forest is incredible but it also is reducing visibility. Please be careful at crossing as it’s getting difficult for all users to see each other out there. Chat a lot and feel free to ring a bell as approaching the crossings. The horses will hear you before anyone else.

Have fun enjoying the Forest together!