Fat Bike info

As I noted last night we have achieved our goal for fundraising for the Fat Bike groomer. 67 people pulled together to provide what will will benefit everyone fat biking out there for years to come.

I’m so proud of our community. Donations came from near and far, from FB’ers and non-FB’er, from local bike shops (Cycling Elements) and it’s very clear that FB is no longer a “thing” but a rear desirable recreational activity which helps keeps people outside enjoying and appriciating the Forest. This has so many benefits including both physical and mental heath benefits, especially during the winter months.

So thank you to everyone who contributed to this very optimistic goal. As always, this little group of riders has come together to achieve something remarkable that will provide benefits to many.

Further donations will still be accepted and put towards operational costs (fuel, maintenance, buying the FDCF operators some warm lunch and warm beverage after they spend hours out grooming) so anyone can still feel free to pitch in at any time to help out.

Again, I cannot stress enough how proud I am of our cycling community. Thank you all.