Fat Biking Project

Hi everyone!

I received some very excellent news recently. The County is allowing the Friends of Dufferin Forest (FDCF) to groom the Fat Bike trails this winter in the Dufferin County Forests.  As there is machine grooming for snowmobile and XC ski trails it seemed sensible to add Fat bike trails to that to encourage winter activities. This will prove to be much easier than in the past where we snowshoe pulling a tire for 16km’s and it does an amazing job. A bit wider, packed better and likely less ice. The groomer has the ability to break up any ice and repack it.

The intent is to groom 16-18km’s of single track this winter with the proposed route to be all the new Max trails, Ridge Connector, Ridge Trail, Lolli Pop and Stick. They would also like to try and groom the 2km Interpretive trail for winter hikers and snowshoers.

Here’s the catch…we don’t have a groomer in the Main Tract area. The generous annual donations we receive through the year go back into the trails (and help construct new trails like all the new “Max Trails”, the “Ravine Run” and “Ralph’s Trail”…all completed this summer) and we don’t force membership dues. We would like to raise the additional funds to purchase a groomer and provide it for use by members of the FDCF.

So we are hoping to “Crowd Fund” for this endeavour. It’s ambitious, we need to raise $5500.00.

If you wish to have wonderfully groomed single track this winter feel free to contribute with any amount you can…every little bit will help. You can use the “DONATE” tab and please indicate that it is for the groomer so it gets 100% allocated to that.  How much did studded tires cost???

We are lucky to have all this to ride for free and need to thank the County for granting the privilege of enjoying the Forest all year round.

Please share this wherever you can as many people beyond TVG use these trails and may want to help out. If you have any ideas regarding other funding options (grants, corporate…) please feel free to let me know as I’m open to any ideas.

Spread the word and wish us all luck!!