Forest news….

Logging will likely begin on Ken’s/Steve’s Trail next week. It is a further along (west) of where the last logging happened in the fall. At least it is not as long of a section of trail affected. I will be marking the section for the loggers tomorrow and our County Forest Manager is attempting to arrange a walk through with the harvesters. Fingers crossed!

The Friends of Dufferin County Forest (FDCF) is having a meeting Weds March 18th, 7pm at the Dufferin Museum. Please plan on attending as everyone being there is important. If you can make it please RSVP as the County Forest Manager has requested. These meetings are very important as they help demonstrate our dedication to the trails, the Forest and the hard work we are willing to do. As well it shows our commitment to each other and other user groups, demonstrating the level of co-operation that we strive for between all user groups. Our normal Wednesday ride will be held on Tuesday or Thursday depending on trail conditions.

That’s it for now…see everyone out there and on the 18th!

If you wish to join the FDCF here you go…the more the merrier! Join up and show your support for the trails and the Forest!