Friday Dec 6th trail report-groomer report

Well things went a bit sideways last night. The trail was awesome…until it snowed over 4 inches last night. Today was a bit of a slog.

Until the groomer got out! I spent 3 hours this afternoon grooming the fresh snow with the groomer. And it was awesome!! I likely groomed over 15km of trails. The Max trails, Ridge Connector, Ridge, 1/2 Lolli & Stick and some assorted 2 track are all machine groomed. Pure 20 ” wide packed trail single track goodness. All the same trails as the summer. I even had time and groomed the 2km “Interpretive Trail” for hikers. It should set up well overnight and be all set for riding tomorrow. So if the thought of freshly groomed single track with over 6″ of snow in the Forest making it look absolutely stunning doesn’t get you out…

The groomer worked like a charm. It was a lot of work but isn’t anything worth while? It navigated all the single track, climbed all the climbs, managed all the off camber uphill trails and could be worked around all the super tight corners and between the narrow trees. This is going to change everything. Now that it has a packed track to follow I imagine it will get easier as it should just sit in the track and follow it. Even after one grooming session I can say this was absolutely a worth-while investment. I know tomorrow after we ride what I groomed I will be thanking everyone who pitched in again in my head. Fat Biking isn’t going anywhere. More and more people are enjoying it as a past time. Anything that gets people outside enjoying nature is worth encouraging in my option. We’ve had some great groomed trails over the past few years but I’m so excited about getting out tomorrow! Enjoy Global Fat Bike Day tomorrow!!!!