Friday work day…no ride today.

Three good size trees down from the storm the other day. I’m actually surprised it was only 3! We got out today and cleaned them up. Thanks to my helper (and chainsaw safety spotter) CS!

Lots of small stuff down that I notice people are just riding over. If everyone just stopped on their ride to clear off one or two sticks it would be easily tidied up.

We have had some great trimming done so far by KW & AK but still lots to do. The Lolli definitely needs a “hair cut” and lots of other random growth to be trimmed back. Anyone can feel free to take along some pruners and do a little trimming while out on a ride. No problem cutting things back as far as you can to increase visibility and safety. Even if you take 10 minutes on a ride that will add up to a beautifully cared for trail network that we all enjoy.

See you out there!