Friends of Dufferin County Forest

Hello Everyone, Just a reminder as we start thinking about the future in trail maintenance.

Dufferin County is developing  the “Friends of the Dufferin County Forest” (FDCF) group to perform various duties in the County Forests.

If you wish to participate in trail maintenance/construction from this point on you will be required for insurance purposes to be a part of the “Friends” group. You will need to register yourself with the County (see link below) and after that you will be sent a waiver to fill out. You will then be included in any meetings and trail discussions held for the purpose of the FDCF. It’s really simple, there is no cost in joining and you can retract at any time. You also do not need to be a resident of Dufferin County to participate. Our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Feb 12th at 7pm. You need to join the FDCF to attend…not just show up to the meeting. If you are interested please click the link below for more information from the County website. This is open to all user groups and it will be great to have a cohesive group of users working together as a team.

We think this is a fantastic idea and is very progressive in having all user groups work together for a common goal; safe enjoyable trail networks. So why not show your support for the trails and the County and join in? It’s a great way of demonstrating how important the trails are to us and how much we are willing to work for them.

From the County:

“The County has recently established the Friends of the Dufferin County Forest to assist in various aspects of the management of the County Forest.”

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