Frozen Beaver Race Recap

Well this past Saturday was the 3rd in Substance Projects Fat Bike Series, held at Dufferin Forest.

Before we get too far into everything, a huge thank you to Dan at Substance and his volunteers for putting on another fantastic event.

Also a big thank you to Taylor for the grooming prior to the race.  There was so much positive feedback on the trail condition it was amazing.  There were the infamous ice boulders to contend with as well, which kept everyone on their toes.

This year there was a mass start for both the Short and Long course.  Which was great, because you really didn’t know who you were competing with, and it actually made it more fun and more enjoyable having that many folks around.  There was limited passing spots so when they did arrive, you had to take advantage.


The course used was the TVG fat bike loop, so a 9km lap.  Short course did the lap 2 times, long did it 4 times.  Suprisingly the course didn’t get chewed up really at all after everything was said and done.

All the comments we had were positive so that was fantastic.

We had an excellent day, with the just shy of freezing temperatures and the sun trying to make an appearance.


The course itself was very fast, and again a big thanks to Taylor.  The groomer worked incredible!


Team Van Go did well:

Taylor Genoe came in 2nd place in the U20 category

Ryan Genoe came in 3rd place in the U20 (Long course)

Tyler came in 3rd place in the 20-34 Category.



Full results are listed below.


All in all it was a fantastic day out, the weather was perfect, the conditions were perfect and everyone that came was a riot.


Cheers again to all!