House keeping news

A few FYI updates….

  1. Jerseys are in!!!  I’ve started passing them out already. For pu I’m always at MOC Weds at 5:30pm (6pm ride). Also watch for other ride posts and I will always have them with me. If this doesn’t work out I can arrange other meetings or mail is required. I’ll see how many I can distribute in person first then go from there. They look awesome!  
  2. Trailer update…the long awaited trailer is due to arrive Sept 14th. I can’t wait for this to arrive. It will be so great to have all our stuff organized and an awesome home for the snowdog.
  3. MOC. The trail crew continues to add to the network. Since they opened a couple months ago there has been three new sections added. If you haven’t been there in a few weeks the Yellow Trail (Mossy Hills) has seen some great additions adding to the fun of this unique section. More on the horizon!