Housekeeping…Forest logging, rides for next two weeks


As logging continues they are now at the east side of the lollipop, trail to somewhere & trail to nowhere. They are now done on the stick. There are a number of marked trees on the stick but apparently they will remain which is helpful as they are trail-side. The stick is sort of passible with some hike-a-bike. As of weds night the lollipop was still passible. We haven’t been there or on the other trails since Weds so not sure how they are. The ridge connector is clear and repaired already.

We still don’t know when they will be done. Some of us are away for a couple weeks so I won’t be able to organize a “group clean” up to fix everything in one shot. A big thanks to all those folks that keep constantly picking away at it to make everything easier.


This Wednesday night ride will be Chris’ Birthday Ride…I wish I was here to see his loop!! Weds rides will continue as usual.

For any other planned rides, feel free to send me info and I can post it up while I’m away.

Lot’s of new stuff on the new “lookout extension trail” at MOC if you haven’t been there in awhile.

Have a great couple of weeks of fall riding!