Ken’s trail clean up…go time! Please read this if you are coming tomorrow

Setting up the “team”!!!

We are still on for tomorrow. I have been out today flagging the old trail. In some places it is going to be a full rebuild. At least we will have some direction tomorrow.

The weather is not as great as forecasted (surprise) but still not a bad day for working in the Forest. Any rain is not expected until the afternoon and if any at all, it’s just going to be drizzle (under 1mm). We have 30 people out to help and hopefully we will make short work of this. The most difficult thing will be keeping your hands warm. I suggest bringing a spare pair (or a few) of gloves to change into especially during our break time. Dry hands are warm hands.

We will be splitting into two teams which I will just call out tomorrow. I have also listed them below so check that out in advance to make it easier tommorrow. Please try and be there by 9 as we will starting very soon after that. We’ll be playing this by ear as the day goes on regarding how this gets done as this is not a “normal” trail build. If you are late, please try and find me.

Parking…This did not work out as planned. I had hoped that the loggers would of graded the road allowance to the staging area where I thought we would park. This didn’t happen. We cleaned it up a fair bit today but it may still be a bit soft tomorrow. If you have a truck or 4wd you will have no problem.  2wd as long as your car is not too low will be ok on the road allowance but may not be able to get off to the side. So going down the road allowance will be ok but you may get blocked in. So if you need to leave before we are done or you don’t want to chance it, you can park at the road no problem. Then just walk in as it’s not far at all. (500m?). There are blue flags along the road allowance then orange ones leading you into the Forest and to the trail on your right (west). The 9am meeting will take place at the orange flags. Hope that makes sense.

It should be a really fun and rewarding day as this trail is not passable the way it is. Thank to everyone helping out tomorrow…see you in the morning!!


Team 1:

Andy K, Jennifer, Joe, Kathy, Ed, Brian H, Chris W, Paul S, Peter, Eric, Brian K, Rose, Janet, Tyler2, Mike D, Roy, Derek

Team 2:

Paul L, Andy L, Brian G, Lisa N, Lori, Karen, Glen, Carli, Shawna, Doug N, Zak, Vince, Wayne T, Lisa, Jim