logging…. :(

I got out for a ride today and headed back to Ken’s and Steve’s trail where the logging is taking place. I’m sad to say that based on what I’ve seen so far this is not going to go well. Too bad, in the past it’s been awesome when the loggers have been in.

Good thing I marked the trail so they could run over it!!?? At least we can still find it, it is under the red ribbons.

So, with that in place we will likely be planning a trail clearing/rebuilding exercise after the logging is done. It will be in a couple weeks after they are done. I’m hoping we can just get a good size group out and rebuild the trail in one-two days (a Friday-Saturday) and have it set in over the winter. We will require help on this one for sure from anyone who enjoys these trails. Our normal trail group won’t be able to tackle this on our own and we will require help from the community (and TVG will buy you lunch!).

Updates will follow… and by the way, that’s only 100m of it and the logging will cover almost 1km of trail!

J.   🙁