Long weekend ride, DCF logging and equestrian event

This weekends ride will Sunday. Start time is 10am to beat the heat…river will be nice after this one!

A heads up that logging will begin in DCF on Tuesday. It’s a section between the Max trails and Jurassic Park (Ridge Connector). Depending on operations this area may not be passible. Please respect the loggers and avoid the area when they are working there. We’ll get things cleaned up ASAP.

There is a large scale all weekend equestrian event at DCF this weekend. Field parking will be closed. Please slow down at each intersection while out riding and keep your heads up for equestrians.  Please respect that equestrians have right of way. Please be kind and respectful when encountering Equestrians.

There is no logging or Equestrian activity at MOC so you can ride as usual while on MOC trail network with no worries.