MOC/DCF Volunteer Day Update

Mansfield Outdoor Centre “Volunteer Appreciation” Day.

We will be doing a couple hour ride (not 55km!!!) in the morning and the BBQ/Socializing will be from 12:30-5pm.

MOC will have Maple Grove Farms hand-pressed fresh (not frozen) burgers with ACE Bakery buns for the BBQ with Maple Grove potato salad on the side. There will be a Gluten Free option (no bun) and Veggie Burgers (limited supply) as well. Lunch will be complimentary for any of the Volunteers and $15 including tax for attendees (make things super simple by bringing $15 cash. Visa and Debt will be accepted as well).

So whether you ride DCF or MOC why not make this Saturday the day you come to MOC to check out all the new trails and support the Volunteers that keep things going in DCF/MOC?

Think of them as you enter the logging areas in DCF.