MOC Trail Build Friday Sept 2nd

We are going to spend the day finishing up the 1.3km extension to the lookout trail in MOC on Friday. We have a mini skid steer rented for the day and after our last build with it we’re really excited about it! This is our Fourth new build this summer.

If you wish to join in please contact me in some fashion (you can use the contact tab on the website if you wish). Lunch will be provided by Maple Grove farms and I’ll need confirmation before Tuesday aft to get the lunch order in.

So fun adding new trails every month.

For those that may wonder, we are not permitted by Dufferin County to add any new trails in the County Forest. What exists is what we have there. This is why we are so excited about being at MOC. Many of us love building as much as we love riding and MOC not only encourages us, but also supports all the trail building. It’s great to have a place to dream and execute what could be next and add to the awesome trail network that is out there. Hopefully see you out there to continue progress…..