Monday Ride/Trail Report

Chris and I got out for a ride tonight and actually got in a solid ride. It was basically a 17km hammer fest on double track and snowmobile trails. That doesn’t seen very far but there were no free km’s tonight, even downhill you had to pedal. The snowmobile trail was actually in awesome shape for riding, just a bit soft on top which was to be expected. We got to reminisce about Fat Biking “back in the day” (like only a few years ago!) when this was our Fat loop and all we had to ride. We agreed that the single track is awesome!!

We passed by the single track a few times and it looked really tempting and in quite good shape, but we didn’t give in to it and passed it by. It was clear someone had ridden when it was soft but for the most part the majority of riders showed great respect. Thank you for that. One more day of plus temps Tuesday then cold and snow so please hold off for one more day. It will be worth it. We’ll have to see how the snow comes and what happens with the grooming based on that and take it from there. Wednesday ride should be a go unless we get a heap of snow.

Have fun out there and I’m away for a week but will try and keep in the loop and update when I can. If anyone wishes to e-mail me a report I can post that up no problem.