New trail build

We are having a great year…first a great turnout for the building of Ralph’s trail and a lot of great help for the Max Connector Trail. Now we have the next one planned (and started, I was out blowing today), the Max Extension Trail (MET)(?). Anyone out there riding the Max Trail will see the orange flags where the next build is happening. It will be around 1km in length and be similar to the MC trail with an add on later for the “Ravine Run”. We continue to appreciate our County Council’s approvals of the trail proposals that where submitted and approved by the various Teams, Committees and Council.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new trails that are getting built and this all would not be possible without the generosity of our community and the hard work of volunteer’s.  The donations received keep fuel in our equipment purchased through contributions, upkeep and maintenance of that equipment, cover our clubs insurance requirements that allow us to be able to build new trails and purchase lunch for the volunteers that come out to help build new trail. We still have at least 3 more approved builds planned to do after the MET.

Thanks to all that have helped this all to become possible. It’s so great we get to continue to bring new trails to the riding community and the Forest.

See you out there, Johnny

Ralph’s Trail

Max Connector…

Max Extension Trail