New Trail Open…Max Extension Trail

Myself, Joe, Shawna and Chris W got out today to work on the new MET. Joe and I “Gertied” (Joe said he doesn’t want to see Gerty for awhile!) the first bits connecting both ends to the next fire road. It was extremely loamy and required Shawna raking it before we Gertied. Final raking has been done and is ready ride but will likely be a bit soft until it gets some traffic on it. Once it packs in it should be a fun trail. As for the next section, it was completely different ground consistancy and we are going to try it with a good clean up (thanks Shawna!)  and just an aggressive raking (thanks Chris!). It’s approx 1km long so give it a go and help pack it in. We will now add in the “Ravine Run” to it for our next project.

Thank you so much to the gang that came out to help today!



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It’s Max approved!