Oops…Update..Note if coming from the North-road closure

Hey folks coming from the North to MOC. Airport rd will be closed Sat Aug 6th for 10 days for a culvert replacement. Here’s the easiest detour if you don’t mind some gravel to get to MOC.

Head west (right if coming from the North) at flashing light (Dufferin 21) and take it to the to the 4th. Turn left (south) and take it to the 20th (River rd). Turn left on the 20th (east) and travel to your next right which is the 5th sideroad. Turn right (south) on the 5th and follow it to a natural bend east (17th sideroad). This will land you right across the road from MOC. Not a big detour. Add 20 min or so to your drive. Drive safely.