Ravine Run trail update

I got out today to do some trail work on the RR. While I won’t say the trail is “open” it is now all ridable if you want to check it out. All the stumps are out and it’s all pruned back. Some raking done but if you ride it it will still be soft and loamy…all safe to test out even though it still needs some serious raking.

I have left a rake out on the trail in case anyone has time and wants to do some raking. It is at the start of the trail. Just follow in what is raked and look for the double flags to mark where the rake is. If anyone gets out, just leave it where you left off and mark it with two flags. There is a thin layer of loam that needs to be removed…ie aggressive raking!

This trail will likely continue to evolve as best lines are figured out and established and the trail gets packed it.

Again, thank you everyone for your donations. I picked up a few more new awesome rakes and ordered a few handles for my adze that seem to fall victim to trail building for current and future trail projects! We couldn’t do this with out your contributions.

Still more to come!