Recreation Plan Update-Council Approval

I’m pleased to let everyone know that Dufferin Council approved the Recreation Draft Proposal at last nights Council meeting.  This means that the Proposal is now Policy.

I definitely have to say a huge thanks to everyone that supported this project.  If you were one of the ones that filled out a survey, went to an open house or commented on the Draft Plan then this happened because of you and you deserve credit in making this succeed. It demonstrates that if a group becomes organized and motivated they can evoke change.

I also want to note that the other members of the Forest Operation Review Committee and the County Staff involved where amazing at everything they do.

This is the starting point to lots of things that will hopefully enhance the experience of riding at the Dufferin Main Tract.

If you wish to review the Plan here is the link to it. Please educate yourself with Trail Etiquette for all user groups.

See you on the trails! Johnny