Require riding volunteers!

Hey TVGer’s!  It seems someone (and I doubt it is a cyclist or hiker…that leaves…) has taken upon themselves to tear down some of the trail designation signs that a few of us spent countless hours putting up.  These signs were put up with permission from Dufferin County and the Recreation Policy supports their designation.  Removing them is not really permitted, the single track has been designated by the County as non-equestrian use.

I’m not really concerned about the odd disgruntled sign-taker-downer, we’ll just put them back up! I’d be very happy to go out myself and do this but my issue is that I’m leaving on a holiday tomorrow.

So I’m looking for a few others that would be equally happy to assist in putting up signs where they have been removed.  They are to go on both sides of any fire road/equestrian marked trail crossing.  They have not all been removed, just a bunch so far as I’ve seen on the lollypop (I didn’t get a chance to check out Ken’s/Steve’s/wheel hill/trail to nowhere.

The fun part about this is that you will get to ride all the single track out there with the occasional stop to put up a sign! If more than a few want to help out you can split up and do sections…whatever you like. I have gotten replacement signs made, have screws pre”washered” and have three screw drivers and a bunch of driver bits if you want to use a screw gun.  It can be done easily enough with a screw driver.  It can be done on your own, but it does work better with a couple people.

I’d like to get this done as soon as possible.  If you can help out please e-mail me or use the “CONTACT” tab to reach me.  I will leave the “goods” outside our garage door on a barrel in a plastic bag for anyone who wants to pick them up.

Thank you so much for helping out!  Johnny