Sat afternoon trail report, Sunday ride update

Just got back from a run in Dufferin…sorry to report that there is still quite a bit of snow out there and it’s that heavy wet snow.  I have serious doubts about riding on Sunday, i just don’t think it will be much fun.  Also a fair bit of new deadfall on the trails from the wind the last few days. Soooo, 2:30 is still on but is going to turn into a hike/trail run.  If you like trail running we can get a great run/fast hike in and if your not a runner come out for a hike.  Still looks like an absolutely beautiful day tomorrow to play in the woods. If anything changes I’ll update again but right now that’s what I’m thinking.  See you Sunday @ 2:30! If you feel inclined, bring a hand saw along, I’ll bring a few spares if anyone would like one.