Saturday Ride 11AM/Trail Condition Update

11am start on Saturday.

All 18km’s of single track is freshly groomed so hopefully if we get out at 11 we will be ahead of the big snow fall. Trails should be awesome tomorrow. I put up the orange cone this afternoon to discourage riding the trails as I just finished grooming and they are still soft. They will set up well tonight so if the first person out tomorrow could move the cones that would be great.

I did the Stick and Lolli twice. Why? To try and break up and pack in the ruts that someone left behind from the other day. If we could all pay attention when we are out there especially after we have just groomed. If you are leaving imprints deeper than an inch, or you can’t make many of the climbs without spinning and walking, the groomed trails are likely too soft. There is lots else to ride that we don’t groom. These ruts where visible even under 5″ of fresh snow.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!