Saturday Ride & Trail Update

Sat ride at 2pm…Fat Bike, Skinny bike??? We’ll see. Trails are great…see below for update!


DCF Mansfield Trail update.
We got out today and cleared likely 15 or more (we stopped counting….) downed trees. I believe (hope) we got everything.
A huge thank you to everyone that has been pitching in demonstrating their care for the for the trails. The difference between Wednesday and today is amazing. It’s clear lots of folks have been helping clear up the smaller debris. Sections have actually been raked clean.
I’m very proud to be a part of the Dufferin Forest Cycling community. We have a such a great group of people who obviously love these trails and are not afraid of working hard for them and theses folks are from everywhere, not just locally.
Thanks to everyone who picked up a stick!
The trails are in awesome shape yet again….awesome!