Saturday August 11th Ride-Kolapore

Monica, Tyler an Ryan are hosting a Ryan-going-off-to-University ride on August 11th.

Start time/place is at Monica’s house at 2pm. We ride from her place to Kolapore for a fun scoot in the woods then back to her place for post ride/Ryan celebrations with Monica, Taylor and Ryan! There is room for a camp out for those who would prefer not to drive home so bring your Van, tent, truck,  car….

Please RSVP to me (Johnny, or Contact tab on the website)  if you are coming so we have an idea of numbers for Monica as well if you plan on staying the night. Dinner is planned as a “pot luck BBQ” so if you plan on attending dinner please contact me so I can pass on what to bring. We can pester Monica at the Ravena General store for breakfast in the morning, yum! (poor Monica). I’ll pass on directions to Monica’s later to those who RSVP.

So excited to get back to Kolapore (and what a great reason, to celebrate with Monica and her sons!)…it’s such a great ride and with such great people.

Yay, Wolf Pack!