Sunday News!

Stopped by the forest quickly this morning and there is a whole lot going on! Lots of beautiful fresh snow. There has already been a lot of activity out there today…Riders, snowshoers and grooming all going on! Both groomers where out, just got word the Honda crew just groomed the Ridge connector (R.C.) and Ridge trail & others have been out snowshoeing the stick and L.P. Eric is out as I’m typing with one of the groomers repeating RC & R and Karen is heading out soon. What does all this mean???? First of all it means everyone is awesome! I continue to be amazed at the collection of people out there enjoying the trails, packing, grooming and just having fun and getting outside…way better than sitting in the couch.

Second, for today, I’d bring Bike and snowshoes so you can enjoy the forest however you like. It’s a beautiful day out there and is worth while enjoying! See you there!