Sunday Ride, trail conditions, grooming

Weekend Ride will be Sunday 1pm at MOC. Groomers have been out this week and we’ll be going at it again Friday. The snow doesn’t seem to want to stop. This should make it great for the weekend if it sets. Trails right now would likely be ridable but not Fat Bike bliss. I’d wait until the weekend.

We’re seeing the “usual” things out there again. Ruts on downhills from people locking up their rear brakes. Your front brake is way more effective than your rear (think of your car…75% of the braking is in the front, 25% in the rear. There is a reason for this). So please refrain from skidding down hills. We spent a bit of time chopping out the frozen skid ruts by hand on downhills the other day. We can’t groom those out.

And then when a climb can’t be done, folks walking on the trail vs off to the side.

Anyway…this always seems to be the same thing.

See you out there!