Sunday Rides

11:00 AM START


Ride option #1:

So how has your winter training been going??  I went for a hike today and headed over to the hill trail.  98% dirt and dry! Sooo I was thinking of a ride tomorrow-hill trail repeats! The hill trail is completely dry so bring out your skinny tire bike (or ride your fat tire if you like or come for a run). I’m just going to have a good time on the descents and spin the climbs and repeat. Go around as many times as you like then head out. Should be a good time!


Ride option #2:

“Normal” trail ride…as the other trails are now ice or dirt studs may be an asset on Ride #2. Fat bikes recommended as these trails are still snow, ice and softer dirt.

It’s remaining below zero (but pure sun!) all day so very unlikely will there be any trail damage so not to worry.

See you out there!