Sunday Trail Review

Jan 7th 2018.

A great group of folks where out there today snowshoeing, skiing, grooming and riding. The Stick hardened up nicely overnight as did the Ridge connector section that was snowshoed yesterday. The “Honda crew” where out this morning snowshoeing the lollypop. Part of our group re-groomed the Stick and the first half of the lollypop, then snowshed the Ridge. There were others doing the ridge and some riders had ridden the remainder of the Ridge connector. This all allowed us to ride and groom most of the trails. Still a bit more to run the groomer over (second half of lollypop. The ridge trail was being stubborn because of the high winds causing drifting). The 14 km out there is basically all ridable except the first half of the Ridge. It will likely need a quick shoe-and-groom.

The mild weather coming up will likely help out once the temps drop back down below zero. If we can avoid rutting up the trails in the warm periods we should be in excellent shape.

Because there have been so many people out working together to groom the trails, we have added a second groomer! Now we have two of them out there that can be pulled around whenever someone feels like it. One currently is at the start of the trails at the SSITT connector turn off and number two is out on the lollypop at the Ridge connection point. It never hurts to pull it around for a bit as the more the trails have the groomer pulled over them, the better they get. As a note, I have found it works much better to have it attached to your hydration/backpack then your bike.

Thanks again to the efforts of many, it’s great to still be riding single track. Keep up the great work.