Sunday Trail Update

I had a great day in the Forest today, so nice to have the sun out!

Here’s what I have found…the “Wednesday loop” (the one a bunch of us snowshoed and groomed Weds night, Max trail, 1/2 ridge connector, shortcut to lolly, 1/4 lolly and stick) is in great shape. This trail has had lots of help getting groomed from a whole bunch of folks. Best to do it counter-clockwise as the hills are more manageable that way. I snowshoed and groomed out and back from the red arrow tree to the ridge connection point on the lolly today and it should be set in by tomorrow. The remainder of the lolly, the ridge and the last section of the ridge connector has had some work done on it but could really use a good multi person snowshoe and groomer pull to make it enjoyable. We may tackle that on tomorrow’s ride…make it a ride with shoe-and-groom in the middle. I’ll get Monday’s ride posted up later tonight. Hope this helps!