Sunday Trail Update

So 6 of us got out for a snowshoe grooming session today. Ed, Kathy, Vince & Eddy snowshoed the Stick to the red arrow tree and back. Karen and I snowshoed with the groomer 3/4 of the way and back on the Ridge Connector Trails.

So where does that put us? Well hopefully the trails firm up over the next day or so. The stick should be rideable first. So a plan could be to ride to the red arrow tree, snowshoe the lollypop (there is still a groomer at the Ridge-Lollypop intersection) with the groomer and ride back with it to finish grooming the Stick. Or just even groom the Stick and back with the groomer that is at the start of the trails. If the Ridge Connector is firm enough (please refrain from it if it’s soft as only two of us packed it down) we could ride to where we ended, snowshoe the rest and the Ridge Trail then hook up the groomer at the Ridge-lolly intersection and return back. Lots of options so just do what you like! Some nice milder weather coming up which should help firm up the trails once they are groomed. As always if you are leaving a rut behind please don’t ride as the trails are going to soften and freeze again this week. Looking ahead in the forecast it looks like we may get a break from heavy snowfalls so we can enjoy our efforts. Have fun!