Support for what we do….

Kris from Kamikaze Bikes in Collingwood has just made a substantial contribution to TVG from a corporate level. We are going to put this in the “Reserve Funds” (we actually don’t have any until now!) for our future ambition to purchase an equipment trailer that we desperately require. We still don’t know where that $ will come from but we’ll keep working on that.

Jeff at Cycling Elements in Orangeville had made an amazing store contribution during our Groomer funding drive which was an incredible help in accomplishing the Groomer funding goal.

It’s so amazing to have the support from the local bike shops that we all love.

As Kris said to me at one point “none of us can do this on our own” and he is exactly correct on this. We are all one big and great family. There has been so much co-operation and effort put forward from so many areas; from two huge turn outs for trail build/repair days (50+ people in May, 35 people in Nov, over 550 total volunteer hours just in those two days!), to smaller build crews (Max trails & Ravine Run), trail trimming, constant trail upkeep that happens without anyone knowing it, the Groomer fundraiser contributors, the numerous Groomer volunteers, the funding help from “members” to keep TVG able to pay for insurance, maintain equipment and purchase pizza for the volunteer days….the list goes on.

So thank you to Kamikaze Bikes, Cycling Elements and all the individuals that help keep this going and inspire us to keep moving forward and believe in what we do. It is truly one big community effort and we should all be very proud of our Mountain Bike Family.

It really is awesome….enjoy the ride.