Team Van Go contributions

Normally in the past I’ve been able to thank everyone personally for contributions made to Team Van Go. I must admit, the past year has been quite different in a number of ways. Myself, I have been a bit more involved personally in things to do with Dufferin Forest. There has as well been the seemingly continuous upkeep of the trails by so many others with spring clean up and wind storms. So many others have put forth quite an impressive and continuous effort out there that we should all be so appreciative of. In my opinion, as a result of everyone out there that have been working on the trails, they are in the best condition that they have ever been.

I apologize that I have not thanked everyone personally for your contributions. Please understand that they are all appreciated so much and go towards everything to do with trails…purchase of equipment, fuel & maintenance for equipment, IMBA memberships, insurance policies, media stuff…the list goes on. We have been borrowing some equipment in the past that with your contributions and equipment contributions from Caledon Cycling, we will now be able to have this covered by TVG.

There have been a lot of changes in the last year and more progress coming up. If I may speak for the collective of us all, thank you to all for what you do in anyway you do it. All the efforts and contributions from everyone make us who we are.

The Forest is awesome. We are so lucky & privileged to be able to be there.

Thank you to everyone, it wouldn’t happen with out you.