Thursday afternoon Trail Build

If anyone is interested a few folks are heading out tomorrow between 1-2pm for the afternoon to start a new trail build. It will continue from just past the “pig” and link into Max’s Trail bypassing the current “hill bypass” double track which will then become the hill trail extension. Likely a 1km build. I’ve flagged it all out and Andy did a double check for me and did a quick leaf blow. It’s just getting started so some trail adjustments, leaf blowing, clipping and downed tree removal followed by “Gerty 1″ and Gerty 2”. If you wish to come out for any length of time please let me know ahead of time so there are tools for everyone. There will be a job for anyone that wishes to help. This is just a causal build nothing like the Ralph’s trail Mega build! (which was awesome!!). If you come out and are a member of the Friends of Dufferin Forest (FDCF) bring your card along and if you are not yet a “friend” then you will be required to sign a FDCF form which will be supplied to you. Happy trail building! Please let me know you are coming and I can confirm the time tomorrow for you. You can join and leave anytime you like.

J 🙂