Thursday Trail Update

Last night 5 of us got out for a snowshoe and grooming session. Awesome night out there! Shawna, BF Brian and Roy were breaking trail and Vince and I followed them both with groomers. There is lots of fresh powdery snow out there and we thought it best to stick together to pack it as much as possible hence the double groomer. We were out for 2.5 hours and did about 10km…out on the stick, right on the lolly, right-left on the double track connector to the ridge connector and back on the 1st half of the ridge connector to the beginning. I would suspect that it will take a bit for this to set up for riding as we were fresh tracks the whole way and there was at least 6-8 inches to pack down. It will likely require another quick snowshoe with the groomer to “top dress” the trail and smooth it out before it’s good to ride. Next step…quick snowshoe out on either trail and continue from there to link ridge and lolly up together. There is some great weather shaping up…up to just above zero then cold again. Both groomers are back at the start so they can go out in either direction and be left out there remotely so we can hopefully get some ride/snowshoe & grooming in over the weekend. The snowmobile trail was being groomed while we were out there and the parking lot is cleared.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more updates as things progress. I expect we’ll have a good loop set up by the end of the weekend.