Trail Build Day-May 20th, 9am

A whole bunch of us are working on a new trail (Ralph’s Trail) on Monday May 20th. It will start by the gate at the south entrance and go to the Hill Trail & Hill Trail Bypass. Feel free to pop in and say hi and see what we are up to! Please don’t ride it as it will be a work-in-progress all day. It’s going to be both a challenging trail to build and ride, something completely different.

For those of you coming to help, here is an e-mail that I sent out to the e-mail addresses I have. I just want to make sure I reach everyone….


Hi everyone, first of all, thanks to everyone coming out. It’s going to make it an amazing day!  As you can see by the e-mail list we have quite the crowd coming out.
Just to cover a few things to make the day more efficient. If you have not officially joined the “Friends of Dufferin County Forests” (FDCF) you will be required to complete a waiver for the County. It is attached below. Please fill this out ahead of time and bring it with you. To keep everyone busy I have sectioned the trail build into 4 sections. The trail is roughly flagged with orange flags (definitely open to interpretation and modifications from the group) with a blue flag marking the ends of a section. We have 4 team leaders and they have already been out to view the trail build and know their section. I will have everyone assigned to a team before the day. This way everyone can find their leader and head straight out and start building!. Each team will have a certified chainsaw operator (you are required to have a chainsaw certification to operate a saw in the Forest…County rules) and people with various levels of trail building experience. Team leaders may wish to bring a bike (everyone can bring a bike if they wish…maybe we will get to ride it at the end, that would be awesome!). It will be helpful to have a bike at the build so that you can use it to gauge the trail and any switch-backs (there are quite a few!) and corners. Things are much different on a bike vs on foot. Team Van Go will be providing a pizza lunch on site at 12 pm and we will have plenty of water for everyone. If you have any dietary concerns or preferences please let me know (already got the veggie covered!). Please bring your own water bottle to take water with you. Please remember that Dufferin County Forest is a no alcohol area and this is important as we are working under the County’s guidance and insurance policy. Please respect the rules. 
Tools…bring what you have. You will be parked extremely close to the trail build area so going back to your car will be simple. A pair of work gloves would be a very good idea. If you have some ear protectors they may be helpful as we have some small equipment to operate. The little black flies have just started as well so insect repellent may come in handy. Clippers and anything to dig up small sapling root/stumps will be in need. 
Parking…we are parking in the open field past the “south gate”. When you enter from Airport Road take your immediate right and follow the gravel road past the gate to the field. 
I will be moving around through the groups to provide assistance in any way it is required and will have a chainsaw as well. I will have my cell phone with me. Please contact me in case you need something specific during the build. 
I’m confident that even though this trail build will be a bit of work, we will have it completed in the day. 
***********9am start**********
Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact me. Please pass this on to anyone that is not in the contact list as I do not have everyone’s e-mail that is coming.