Trail Clean up Volunteers needed

Two trail work/marking scenarios in the upcoming week….

  1. I’ll be looking for some help Thursday mid afternoon/early evening & Friday evening doing some trail marking for this weekend’s Triple Crown Event. Basically a bike ride carrying flags and marking the course.  Depending on time and number of helpers I may wish to tackle the raspberry bushes growing in on the “wheel hill”. This will require using weed whippers & leaf blowers. If you can assist on either of those days let me know which day and what time you are available. (E-mail, text, call or “Contact Tab” me). If we get a good group out we can do some more fun stuff.  I will be supplying all required equipment and transport to the “wheel hill” by truck.
  2. Sue from OCTRA has contacted me and her main chainsaw/trail helper is currently out of commission! She is looking for some volunteers to help out this week (preferably early this week) to do some trail cleaning on some of the equestrian loops being used this upcoming weekend. She can supply equipment (or we have some as well) and ATV’s. If you are available at all during the week let me know (same contact procedure as above).

On behalf of everyone, Thanks!