Trail Conditions – Public Service Announcement

Good morning everyone,

Last night we had perfect trail conditions, there was a nice layer of snow over the ice, which actually provided us enough traction to dive into the corners.

That being said, with the rain last night, and the warm temperatures today, this will make the trails soft.

We ask that people avoid riding Dufferin Main Tract today, to preserve the trail conditions for the weekend and future riding.

What’s one day not riding on the trails. Damage done by riding today, will take weeks if not months to disappear. Be mindful of your fellow rider, and don’t be selfish.

This doesn’t go solely for Dufferin, but also other trail networks. Volunteers put a lot of time and effort into the trails and maintaining them to allow people from all over to use them. If you are selfish for one day, and ride on soft trails and leave ruts, if that is the type of person you are, then good on you. You have done your job for the day, and wrecked it for others. If you are leaving a depression more than 1/2″ you should not be riding, period.

I know the warm temperatures are begging you to go out and hit the trails, but here is a better idea. Take that same bike ride that same bike to your local bike or coffee shop. Tell them how much you wanted to ride, but instead of riding on the trails you rode to their establishment, you will get much more praise, trust me.


So that’s been your public service announcement for December 28th, 2018. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Cheers, Tyler