Trail Conditions/Weekend Riding

I was out yesterday for a ride. Trails are in absolutely great shape after all the snowshoeing & grooming efforts combined with a good number of consistent fat bike riders. There is several inches of packed snow with very little ice.

Having said that it’s already above freezing this morning (8:30am) and just getting warmer (plus 2 today and plus 10 tomorrow!).

It would be detrimental to the trails to either ride or hike them this weekend. Riding and hiking the trails will just leave indentations that will freeze in the trail and they are tough to get ride off. You may be able to get in a Fat Bike ride this morning before it warms up too much. Sunday…no way.

If you are ever on the trails use the 1/2 depression County Code of Conduct ByLaw rule which states if you are leaving more than a 1/2 depression you are to refrain from using the trail. There is still lots of winter ahead!  Thanks for respecting all the hard work put in by everyone so far.