Trail & Groomer update

I was out on Ken’s trail today with our County Forest Manager. At this point I would avoid riding this section. You will be doing more hike-a-bike in the logging area than anything else. You can by-pass a lot of it if once at the granite rock over, turn right and follow the 2-track. It will take you basically to the bottom of the switch back (it will be to your right) and continue from there. Tentative clean up date is Nov 2nd and the more help the better. Stay tuned for details on this.

The rest of the trails are in great shape and all open to ride & enjoy.

Thanks today goes out to William H, Paul S, Tyler C(2), Monica W, Lee H, Jenny WB, Brian M, Dave W, Bill S &  Craig N.

These great supporters helped to chip away at our goal. Thank you to everyone so far (all awesome) who believes and sees value in this endeavour.

We still have quite away to go but we have time as hopefully it’s not going to snow for awhile. Lots of great fall riding ahead.